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jackman_love's Journal

not a boy next door
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All about Hugh Jackman

The newly elected sexiest man alive. The man who makes you melt with his smile and his beautiful eyes.

If you have any question or problems, feel free to contact the community moderator


There's only one current Hugh Jackman community around and since that's one for pics and news only I figured we'd need something more. So I created jackman_love.

Talk, gossip, rant, discuss, post pictures (and everything else you can find about Hugh) here. Some entries will be members only but not all. Everyone (who is a member) can post. Membership is open

o1. Please keep your posts on topic. This community is dedicated to Hugh Jackman. You can post anything related to Hugh Jackman, his movies etc. but nothing different.

o2. Be nice. Everyone has their own opinion and we accept that. Constructice critics are welcome as long as you stay fair and nice!

o3. Tag your entries. We want to keep this community organised, it's better for all of us. You can find a detailed guide here. Please read it and tah your entries correctly!

o4. Don't burst our flists and don't spoil us. To achieve that simply put all spoilers and big or many pictures behind a cut. Or use thumbnails for pictures (or course still use a cut for many pictures).

o5. Read the members only rules here